Roof Coating Tucson

In Tucson, a significant number of houses are built in the Santa Fe style with Flat roofs. These roofs are made with a paintable surface, which must be re-coated periodically.

There are a several different colors of roof coating that are available, including white, tan, desert tan and aluminum coating. Here is a comparison of the options:

Item White Colored Aluminum
Color White Tan or Light Tan Gray
Reflectiveness High (95%) Moderate (65%) Moderate (60%)
Duration 3-4 years 3-4 years 5-7 years

All Recoating come with resealing of pipes, vents, skylights and drains.

Which Coating Should I Use?

Often homeowners may be confined in terms of the choices available by the rules and regulations of their homeowners association. So, if you live in a homeowner’s association, before making a decision, make sure that your choice is allowed.