Do I Need a New Tile Roof?

One of the Questions that we ask our customers is whether they really need a new roof.  Because of the cost of a new roof, customers are naturally interested in whether less costly repairs can be undertaken to fix the structural integrity of the roof.

What We Look At

When we look at a book to determine whether a new roof is necessary or whether repairs can be undertaken, we look at three different aspects: the structural integrity of the roof, and the condition of the underlayment.

We also take into account, the age.  The functionality of the roof itself is to keep out water.  In some instances, the structural integrity of the roof may have been compromised by a few cracked tiles that could have been easily replaced, in other situations its possible the flashing was not installed properly.

If the structural integrity of the roof has been compromised over an extended period, there may be some significant damage to the underlayment.  In some cases, the underlayment itself may have been compromised.

Making the Decision

Once we understand the degree that the structural integrity of the roof has been compromised, and whether significant damage to the underlayment has occurred, we can then advise a customer as to which option is best.  As homeowners, we appreciate the cost that can be involved and want to make sure that each homeowner makes the decision that will be best for him or her in the long term.

As a starting point, we assumed that the preferred method will be to make repairs, particularly because these are often less costly than replacing the entire roof.  However, if we believe that an entire roof replacement is desirable, we will explain why we believe this to be the case, and the options that are available for a new roof.