Concrete vs. Clay Tile Tucson

Clay tiles have been used for roofs since approximately 10,000 BC. In the 1980s concrete tile became popular as an alternative to clay tiles for roofs, and since that time, concrete tiles have been increasingly used in the construction business. Concrete tiles typically cost much less than clay tiles. A Clay tile will cost twice as much as concrete tile costs.

Differences between Concrete and Clay tile

Because of their shape, and how they must be manufactured, clay tiles are designed to be placed in an overlay fashion for infrastructure. Concrete tiles, on the other hand, are designed as a tongue-in-groove system, where the tiles interlock. Both concrete and Clay tiles have a high degree of integrity


Concrete tiles come in many colors. The color is either mixed into the concrete as it is being made, or it is painted after it is formed.

All clay tile is mined from the earth. Where and when it is mined, determines the color.


Concrete tile come in three shapes- low profile Mediterranean, flat or S- shaped.

Clay tile also comes in two piece tapered, and S-Tile.