Where is the Roof Leak?

Often a homeowner may only become aware of a roof leak after noticing water or evidence of water on the ceiling or wall of a room. When the homeowner looks at the roof from the outside, it is difficult or impossible to tell where the source of the leak is.

In these instances, in houses that have attics, it is often necessary to go into the attic to determine where the leak is originating. Frequently, the actual leak in the roof is not directly above the area where the leak is noticeable inside the house. This is because water may enter the inside of a pitched roof high and the roof line, and then run down the pitch of the roof until it meets with a wall or vertical structure. The water then is diverted downward at this point, where it may go along drywall for walls, or where it may pool above drywall for a ceiling.

Our First Step When Water Problems Have Occurred is to Locate the Area of the Roof Where Water is Entering

The first job is to locate the point at which water is entering the roof structure. Once this point is located, we can determine what needs to be done to fix the outer roofing structure (such as fixing broken tiles) and whether any additional roof repairs are required.

If you have seen signs of water damage on the interior of your home, such as on walls or ceilings, it’s important to find the source of the water pathway and have this problem fixed as soon as possible so that significant further damages not occur. Please call us so we can help you get this problem fixed.

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